We Raise Money for schools, clean water, and more

The Igalaza Village, is one of the poorest areas in Uganda, and is in desperate poverty. We are helping to build a school for the village along with providing clean water, food, faith, and so much more!

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“It has been amazing to see the progress and the positive outlook on the children’s faces . ”

Carla Worthington


OUR mission

Hope for a better future

Our mission is simple. We are passionate about helping children in need get education, spiritual support, clean water, food, and more.

We Educate

We build schools that provide education and future for each child.

We Help​

We provide clean water for the village and food for the school.

We Build​

We have just completed 6 classrooms, with more to come.

We Give

We provide other resources for teachers and staff.

We’re On A Mission
Of Big Changes.









Our Story

In 2019 my husband Mark and I went on a mission trip to Uganda. One of the first people we meet was an amazing young man named Andrew. We spent four days with Andrew and a friendship bloomed. In 2020, Andrew sent me a video of Ugandan kids singing me Feliz Navidad. They were so cute and I was very touched. I asked Andrew about these adorable children. He explained to me how he and some of his friends started a faith based organization called Voices Of Talent. Voices of Talent, consists of young children from the slums of Luzira and Kampala, Uganda. They strive to use performing arts to make Jesus known, enabling the children find purpose and meaning in their lives.

I sent $100 to Andrew so he could provide a Christmas party for the children, and he said “This is too much, would you be okay if I blessed some families with the money left over from the party”? This told me he my new friend was an honest man I could trust him and that he would do good things with any money I donated to Voices of Talent.

The Voices of Talent staff thought it would be a good life lesson to show how it feels to give to those in need (even though these children come from families in need). They reached out to a small village called Igalaza. Some of the older children and staff drove many hours for a three day outreach to bring clothes, shoes, and to share the gospel. This outreach was a huge success and many from the village gave their life to Christ.

When the pastor of the village asked if Voices of Talent could possibly help them start a school for their children, we knew we had to help them. Andrew and staff of Voices of Talent went to the Village to start the school. They asked me to come up with a name for the school and I took too long getting back with a name so they voted and named the school Carla Christian Primary School. This is definitely not the name I would have chosen! I am humbled and honored that there is a school named after me in Uganda. I give God all the glory and credit for what is now Carla Christian Primary School.

We prayed for God’s help and he answered our prayers by having others want to join us by donating money to purchase land, build the school and for a well for clean water.

We look forward to seeing what Good God will do in the future.

Mark and Carla Worthington