Mark and I will be going to Uganda the end of this month for Andrews wedding. We are so excited to meet his future wife Joan. Mark and I have been saving our own funds ever since Andrew asked if we can come to his wedding over a year ago.

While we are there we will be visiting Carla Christian Primary School and learning more about how we can continue to help those in the village of Igalaza, Uganda. We will also be visiting a orphanage called Otina Wa to visit some girls we sponsor and to look learn and get ideas on how they have had a successful school for many years. We will also be visiting our dear friend Pastor Alex and his family at City Church in Luzira, Uganda. We will be staying at Hope House and are excited to see a few of the girls and Amy who are still there from our last trip four years ago.

Mark and I would appreciate your prayers for safe travel and health and strength while we are there.

God Bless,